Repair diary Sinclair C5 - Page 7:

Sunday, 03. May 2009:

Finished with sanding the frame, painted the wheel fork

With much sand paper and much much work input I removed all rust from the frame.
Glad to finalize this now.
And to ensure that this will stay this way I applied a rust-protective finish.

Painted the wheel fork and the brake levers with zinc spray.

The chassis will be painted with zinc spray too.
But therefore I have to wait for the protective lacquer to dry.

Monday, 04. May 2009:

Frame and wheel fork painted

I admit: the sunny weather sabotages my work enthusiasm.
But you cannot work all time anyway.

Chassis painted

Looking good: chassis painted with zinc spray.

Nevertheless I painted the chassis with zinc spray today.
Also painted the brake levers and the wheel fork again.

Dirty chassis

Looking not so good: chassis three weeks ago.

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