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Wednesday, 22. April 2009:

Demounting and first problems

Studied all C5 websites in the meantime. Ordered new tries on eBay.
Also purchased a SRAM gear hub by auction. The plan is to assemble it between pedals and rear axis. Don't know yet how to do this in detail. I will think about this later.
Rear trunk

Dismounted rear trunk and lights.

Connected the electronics for test purposes with a 12V supply. Lights working but motor makes only buzzing noises. O_o
Hope that it isn't broken...
To discover this (and more surprises) I started to dismount the C5.
Since the C5 is a real veteran vehicle with presumably only a few units remaining I will proceed very gently. So modifications should be unremarkable to maintain the original Sinclair look.

First bad surprise: chassis has many rusty spots. This certainly means a lot of work for me.
Removed the trunk, the chassis screws and the lights. Can't go on because I need suitable tools.
And how the hell shall I remove the steering bar? Removed the related screw but it still won't move.
Have to check this tomorrow.

Thursday, 23. April 2009:

Fighting with steering bar

Gah! Just left 40 Euro in the local hardware store for wrenches, rust remover and zinc spray. Next time better eBay.
Dismounted pedals and wheels.
In spite of rust remover the steering bar is still steadfast.
Work myself to death the entire evening. Must be out of shape or completely seized upon.
Guess I will need more drastic methods for this.

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