Repair diary Sinclair C5 - Page 6:

Thu, 30.April 2009:

Sanding the frame

Started with sanding the frame. Just surface rust on the upside; but quite persistent rust on the bottom side.
I'm out of sand paper!

Friday, 01. May 2009:

Front wheel dismounted and sanded

Today is general holiday. So no new sand paper.
Disassembled the front wheel. Ball-bearings should be cleaned and greased.

Invested much time searching the net for a new and lighter front wheel with spokes - but found nothing suitable.
So I will keep the original front wheel for the present.

Saturday, 02. May 2009:

A soap opera

Dirty work

This week I had remarkable usage of soap.

Obtained new sand paper and worked the chassis further.
As like with the wheel fork this is a hard and dirty job too.
But I make progress...

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