The idea

Children love funny colorful mobile games; and as a little amusement during boredom or during long car journeys this can be quite a nice activity.
If only there wasn't the annoying advertisements all the time. And those intrusive in-app purchases, without which you hardly can progress in some games. In short: unfortunately most mobile games today are so unbearably designed for commerce that you don't want to expose your offspring to this bullshit anymore.
That's why I thought about developing a game for the kids myself. After all, how difficult can that be?😉
The result is the Eierschleuder slingshot game: you stretch a slingshot with your finger and let it go to catapult eggs onto little yellow buddies, whereby various obstacles in the levels have to be destroyed or avoided. Basically a bit like the well-known Angry Birds.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so first some screenshots:
... and hitting


  • Three worlds with different characteristics ("Hügelland" - hill country, "Wüste" - desert, "Weltraum" - space) and each with 17 different unlockable levels
  • Additional randomly generated levels so the game never gets boring
  • Projectiles with special properties:
    • chicken egg
    • rotten egg (causes a stinky gas cloud)
    • magnet egg (attracts everything around it)
    • bomb egg (explodes)
    • quake egg (causes structures to shake and to collapse)
    • ostrich egg (heavy and powerful)
    • laser egg (shoots beams around)
    • gravitation egg (causes a black hole in space)
    • destroyer egg (fires an all-destroying beam)
  • Various enemies to shoot at
  • Destructible environment made of wood, glass, stone and metal elements
  • Mighty power-ups, funny pirate cannons, violent explosions, wild sandstorms, aliens, dangerous lasers, ... in short: everything a good game needs ;-)


If you want to develop a game, you need a development environment and if you want to get results quickly, it is best to use a tool that is already predestined for game development. That's how I finally ended up with Clickteam Fusion, which I know since 1994 😄 when it was still called Klick & Play, and which now also offers export options as an Android app.

game logic
Intuitive linking of the game logic
Developing a game with Fusion is completely different than with "conventional" programming. Instead of typing lines of code, the program logic is simply linked by drag & drop - analogously, for example, "If the health of the enemy reaches 0, then destroy the enemy".
Also, you don't have to tinker with a motion engine yourself, but simply assign a motion concept to objects (is subject to gravity, bounces like a ball, follows a path, etc.).
Of course, this makes things a lot easier and enables a way of working in which you can gradually design and constantly improve your game concept.
In this way, this gradually formed from a proof-of-concept to a fully-fledged mobile game. Although I didn't work on it continuously, but over several months.

License and notices

The Eierschleuder game is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.
The game
  • should be able to run from Android 4.4, but a more current system like Android 8.1 or higher is preferable.
  • does not require any smartphone permissions.
  • does not require an internet connection to play.
  • contains no advertising.
  • does not contain user tracking.
  • is offered free of charge. It also doesn't contain any in-app purchases.
  • is only available in German at the moment (although the language doesn't matter much to play it).

Provided "as is" and without guarantee.


Download Eierschleuder Android app: slingshot.apk (ca. 32 MB)
(You might have to configure your phone settings to allow installation of apps from downloaded files before.)

Further images

Updates / changelog

2022-06-03 - V

  • Highscore for each level added
  • Inicator added which shows where the flying egg is in case it is outside of the visible screen

2022-06-05 - V

  • Fixed a bug related to saving the highscore values