All around electronics, software, mechanics, computer stuff and other things you can find here:

  • documentation / description of my projects
  • tutorials - from programming to "bomb" building
  • the engineering / tinkering blog (in German); mostly about all kinds of technical topics
  • other stuff (old projects/tutorials, code snippets, and the like)

By the way, I am Cypax, technics nerd and hobbyist. And on these pages I describe all the oddities I disassembled, analyzed, modified, repaired, programmed, broke or constructed.

More information about me can be found in the Info and, if there are any more questions, here are the FAQ.


  • VFD-Studio 2

    VFD-Studio 2

  • Water leak detector

    WhatsApp water detector

  • Eierschleuder

    "Eierschleuder" game

  • calDAV & iCalendar

    calDAV & iCalendar

  • Dieselpunk rocker

    Dieselpunk rocker

  • Kitchen computer

    Kitchen computer

  • Bomb alarm clock

    Bomb alarm clock

  • ULA replacement

    ULA replacement

  • Sinclair C5

    Sinclair C5

  • Super-Yano


  • VFD-Studio


  • Super-Minesweeper


  • Akku-Protector



  • HiFi maintenance tutorial

    HiFi maintenance

  • Bomb clock tutorial

    Bomb clock tutorial

  • Doxygen-HowTo


  • OpenCV-Installation

    OpenCV & DEVcpp

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